Cultural dimensions: a factor analysis of textor's a cross-cultural summary

Behavior Science Notes Vol/Iss. 7 Published In Pages: 37-81
By Stewart, Robert A. C., Jones, Kenneth J.


Findings: A factor analysis of key dimensions to describe a given culture yielded 12 factors. Factor 10, "sexual restraint cultures", loaded highly and positively on high dissociation of sexes at adolescence or customs of initiation at adolescence; contraception practiced; women after delivery segregated in special shelter; exclusive mother-son sleeping arrangements last one year or longer. Factor 10 loaded negatively on women after delivery are confined to dwelling; avoidance therapies of an aggressive nature present; latitude 30 degrees or greater (62-63)


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Related Hypotheses

Main AuthorHypothesis
Whiting, John W.M.Exclusive mother-son sleeping and a post-partum sex taboo are positively associated with initiation ceremonies at puberty.
Young, Frank W."Male solidarity dissolves the relationship between the two childhood factors [exclusive mother-son sleeping arrangement and patrilocal residence] and male initiation" (77)
Stewart, Robert A. C.Findings: A factor analysis of key dimensions to describe a given culture yielded 12 factors. Factor 8, "North American tribal culture", loaded highly and positively on latitude 30 degrees or greater; located in North America; natural environment temperate grassland; principal ethnographers American; settlements non-fixed-movement nomadic; daily protein intake 80 grams or higher. Factor 8 loaded negatively on tropics 23 1/2 degrees from equator; games of strategy rather than chance; subsi...
Textor, Robert B. Societies where exclusive mother-son sleeping arrangement last longer than a year will have medium or high rates of gender separation during adolescence (369, 316).
Slater, Philip E."There is a positive correlation between male narcissism and close physical mother/son contact during (mother's sexual) deprivation" (255)