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  1. Female aggression which is initiated by adult females and directed against other adults in a domestic context is examined (73)Burbank, Victoria K. - Female aggression in cross-cultural perspective, 1987 - 3 Variables

    Female aggression, reasons and targets of that aggression are described using a cross-cultural sample. It is suggested that female aggression is often a means of competing for men or subsistence products, but it also may be a means of defense.

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  2. Shorter length of maidenhood and prohibition of premarital sex will be associated with patrilineal descent (293-4).Whiting, John W.M. - The duration of maidenhood across cultures, 1986 - 2 Variables

    This article discusses maidenhood, the period of time between menarche and marriage. In-depth case illustrations provide insights into the social, technological, and environmental factors that affect the length of maidenhood. The authors use cross-cultural evidence to challenge contemporary American assumptions that teenagers are too young to be mothers and that young women should focus on a career before marriage and child-rearing. A variety of descriptive statistics are also presented.

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