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  1. The scale of human groups (particularly community size) is associated with hierarchical complexity (49)Feinman, Gary M. - Size, complexity, and organizational variation: a comparative approach, 2010 - 2 Variables

    This article proposes that integrative differences mediate the relationship between demographic size and political complexity. Hypotheses are supported by a review of previous literature.

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  2. Social complexity variables will cluster into two categories (scale and nonscale), resulting in two significant principal components of variation.Turchin, Peter - Quantitative historical analysis uncovers a single dimension of complexity t..., 2017 - 0 Variables

    Using the compiled database "Seshat: Global History Databank," researchers sampled 30 societies from 10 distinct regions of the world, testing 51 variables that were condensed into 9 "complex characteristic" variables. Researchers tested for correlates in how societies evolve structurally. Utilizing principal component analysis it was demonstrated that the complex characteristic variables were strongly associated, leading to theorization of structural and social evolution predictability.

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