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  1. "The largest proportion of high-sorcery societies is found among those in which plural wives live in the same house, and the second largest proportion is found where there is the mother-child household, which does not involve many persons under one roof but almost always involves polygyny" (44)LeVine, Robert A. - Witchcraft and co-wife proximity in southwestern kenya, 1962 - 2 Variables

    This article explores the relationship between polygyny and witchcraft accusations in three societies in Kenya. It is argued that the closer co-wives live (have adjacent houses, common yard), the more likely they are to accuse one another of witchcraft. The affects of household structure on population density and intra-household relationships are also discussed.

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  2. "[There is] a highly significant degree of association between supra-community political integration and the presence of a class structure . . ." (294)LeVine, Robert A. - The role of the family in authority systems: a cross-cultural application o..., 1960 - 2 Variables

    This article uses social-psychological theory to enhance understanding of political anthropology. The author hypothesizes that class structure will be associated with supra-community political integration. This hypothesis is supported.

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