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  1. Among hunter-gatherers, parents’ wealth (e.g. hunting resources, physical weight, or sharing partners) will be associated with children’s wealth (28).Smith, Eric Alden - Wealth transmission and inequality among hunter-gatherers, 2010 - 2 Variables

    This article examines whether intergenerational wealth transmission perpetuates inequality among hunter-gatherers. The authors consider three types of wealth: embodied, material, and relational. Empirical analysis of wealth transmission in five cultures suggests that, in many cases, a parent’s wealth is associated with a child’s life chances. Gini coefficients suggest that hunter-gatherer cultures have low to moderate wealth inequality overall: very low by current world standards but not non-existent.

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  2. Inequality will be related to intergenerational wealth transmission.Borgerhoff Mulder, Monique - Intergenerational wealth transmission and the dynamics of inequality in smal..., 2009 - 2 Variables

    This article explains the variation in inequality using a model in which a population's inequality depends on the extent to which its most important forms of wealth are transmitted within families across generations. Results suggest that economic systems differ substantially in the intergenerational transmission of wealth.

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