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  1. Degree of polygyny will be positively related to the severity of punishment for rape (160).Thornhill, Randy - Human rape: an evolutionary analysis, 1983 - 2 Variables

    This article presents tests of hypotheses derived from an evolutionary approach to the rape of women. A cross-cultural test of the relationship between polygyny and rape in non-industrial societies is presented. Results suggest that the degree of polygyny is positively associated with the severity of punishment for rape.

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  2. Human parasitic disease richness will be positively associated with global linguistic diversity (1289).Fincher, Corey L. - A parasite‐driven wedge: infectious diseases may explain language and other ..., 2008 - 2 Variables

    The authors test the relationship between linguistic diversity and parasite richness, theorizing that anti-pathogen behaviors, such as the favoring of contact with a limited range of similar, nearby populations carrying the same suite of parasites and pathogens, will be selected for due to variability in immunobiological makeup between groups. As a result, cultural and gene pool isolation will be likely to further divide local parasite-host groups, generating language diversity as well as population divergence and new evolutionary forms among the parasites themselves. A significant positive correlation is found, which the authors suggest has important implications for future research regarding cross-cultural transmission and interaction.

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