Frequency Of Internal Warfare

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Ember, Carol R."Political units with wider political participation engage in less warfare with one another than do less participatory political units" (579).
Ember, Carol R.When included in a model testing the relationship between several variables and frequency of internal warfare, food production will be a significant predictor of internal warfare frequency (12).
Hendrix, LewellynSanctions regarding illegitimacy are positively associated with frequency of internal warfare (95).
Ember, Carol R. There will be a replication of the Ember et al. (1992) internal warfare worldwide findings in eastern African societies.
Ember, Carol R. There will be an inverse relationship between political participation and committing atrocities.
Ember, Carol R. Adding three additional variables-little formalized leadership, natural disasters, and state-level organization- to the eastern African comparison would lead to a replication of the Ember et al. (1992) findings.
Fullerton, BradyFrequency of internal warfare (between local communities within a unit of maximal political authority) will be negatively correlated with ritual art.

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  1. ingroup antagonisms
  2. instigation of war
  3. warfare