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Low, Bobbi S.Larger social group size will be associated with training that reduces intra-group conflict (p. 313).
Ember, Carol R.". . . among hunter-gatherers, those with smaller bands or communities would tend toward bilocality, while those with larger bands or communities should be able to maintain unilocality" (218)
Low, Bobbi S.Women's overt political power will be associated with group size, mobility, sex ratio, marriage system, male absence, ability to participate with men, female contribution to subsistence, level of political sovereignty, political organization hierarchy, and geographic region (70).
Betzig, Laura L.As groups increase in size and hierarchical complexity, individuals in power will use their asymmetrical advantage to collect perquisites as third parties and a proportionate amount of polygynous relationships (210).
Atkinson, Quentin D.Emotional arousal in ritual will be negatively associated with group size, group hierarchy, and reliance on agriculture (52, 55).
Binford, Lewis R.Use of multiple alternative house forms will be associated with mobility, group size, and subsistence activity (130).
Garfield, Zachary H.Leadership will be positively associated with group size, and male leadership that emphasizes cooperative activity and sanctions free-riders who don't contribute.
Ray, SubhasishCentralized precolonial state formation will be positively associated with contemporary ethnic conflict.

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  1. population
  2. composition of population
  3. community structure
  4. community heads
  5. territorial hierarchy
  6. chief executive