Matrilocal Residence

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Minturn, LeighCultural patterning of sexual beliefs and behavior
Murdock, George PeterCross-sex patterns of kin behavior
Peregrine, Peter N.Trade and matrilineality: a hypothesis based on world-systems theory
Munroe, Robert L.A response to broude on the couvade
Tylor, Edward B.On a method of investigating the development of institutions: applied to laws of marriage and d...
Whyte, Martin KingThe status of women in preindustrial societies
Naroll, RaoulBorrowing versus migration as selection factors in cultural evolution
Paige, Jeffery M.The politics of reproductive ritual
Brown, Judith K.A cross-cultural study of female initiation rites
Martin, M. KayFemale of the species
Schlegel, AliceAdolescence: an anthropological inquiry
Brown, Judith K.A cross-cultural study of female initiation rites
Gouldner, Alvin W.Notes on technology and the moral order
Surowiec, AlexandraA worldwide view of matriliny: using cross-cultural analyses to shed light on human kinship systems

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Minturn, Leigh"[There is easier divorce in] societies without monetary arrangements . . . in societies with extended family households . . . and in societies with matrilocal residence" (308)
Murdock, George Peter"Tylor advanced the plausible hypothesis that mother-in-law avoidance should be highly correlated with matrilocal residence" (366)
Peregrine, Peter N.Matrilocal residence is positively associated with the introduction of new trade relations with a world-system (101, 105-6).
Munroe, Robert L.Exclusive mother-infant sleeping arrangements, matrilocal residence, and “protest masculinity” will be positively associated with the couvade (730-731).
Tylor, Edward B."Teknonymy [is] in close connection with the custom of the husband's residence in the wife's family [and is] still more closely attached to the practice of ceremonial avoidance by the husband of the wife's family" (4)
Whyte, Martin KingMatrilocal postmarital residence rules will be associated with higher status for women (33)
Schlegel, AliceInculcation of obedience will be associated with certain societal characteristics (160).
Martin, M. KaySocieties with a hunting-gathering subsistence base will be patrilocal and patrilineal (185).
Martin, M. KayPatrilateral emphasis in foraging groups (either patrilocality or patrilineal descent) will be positively associated with severity of premarital sex restrictions (188).
Naroll, RaoulOver the general course of evolution during the past several thousand years [peaceful] borrowing has been at least as important a selection factor as has been [warlike] migration. Triads consisting of 1) base society 2) nearby society from different language family (borrowers) and 3) distant society from same language family as base society (migrators) were compared for eleven culture traits (209, 204)
Paige, Jeffery M.Female puberty ceremonies are positively correlated with matrilocal and bilocal residence patterns (116).
Brown, Judith K."Female initiation rites will occur in those societies in which the young girl continues to reside in the home of her mother after marriage" (841)
Brown, Judith K.The presence of female initiation rites will be associated with societies in which girls stay in the domestic unit with their mothers 50% or more (matrilocal or bilocal societies)
Gouldner, Alvin W.Findings: Factor SC, "Sex Dominance", is bipolar. It loads heavily and positively (oblimax rotation) for matrilocal residence, monogamy, and more moderately for communal houses. High negative loadings are shown for polygyny, patrilocal residence, legendary heroes, and more moderately for government by restricted council (22)
Surowiec, AlexandraMatriliny is associated with the prior presence of matrilocality.

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  1. regulation of marriage
  2. residence