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Adams, David B.Patrilocal marital residency is positively associated with internal warfare in contrast with little warfare (203-204)
Adams, David B.Exogamy is positively associated with patrilocality as opposed to bilocality (203)
Kitahara, MichioThe presence of both mother-child sleeping and patrilocality will be positively associated with painful female puberty rites
Low, Bobbi S.Patrilocality will be positively associated with men's training for obedience (p. 312).
Ember, Carol R.". . . the more a hunter-gatherer society depends upon hunting, the more they should tend toward patrilocality . . ." (202)
Werner, DennisExtended family households, local endogamy, and patrilocality will be positively associated with frequency of male homosexuality (356).
Baunach, Dawn MichellePatrilocality will be positively associated with childhood gender inequality but not adulthood gender inequality (67).
Post, Emily R.Patrilocality will be associated with fewer instances of reported female reputation (353)
Šaffa, GabrielFemale premarital sex is more likely to be restricted in patrilocal societies.
Šaffa, GabrielGenital mutilation/cutting is associated with patrilocality and patrilineality.

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