Population Density

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Main AuthorPublished YearTitle
Roscoe, PaulFish, game, and the foundations of complexity in forager society: the evidence from new guinea
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Associated Hypotheses (64)

Main AuthorHypothesis
Roscoe, PaulThe proportion of dietary fauna that is from aquatic sources is positively associated with population density, settlement size, and residential permanency (p. 29).
Gelfand, Michele J.Population density is positively correlated with tightness-looseness (p. 1101).
Barry III, HerbertControlling on four types of complexity, marriage payment is positively associated with government levels (126)
Bolton, RalphPopulation density will be positively associated with high homicide rates (329)
Ember, Carol R.". . . among unilineal societies with internal warfare, those with higher densities would be more likely to have lineages than those with low densities" (82)
Ember, Carol R.". . . given internal war, lineages are more apt to be found when the density is at least five persons per square mile" (83)
Ember, Carol R.". . . the lower density societies in our sample . . . are significantly more likely to have mobile local groups" (84)
Reeves, Edward B.Population density, political hierarchy, economic division of labor, and monetary exchange will be positively associated with the universalization of ritual (118).
Hill, KimVarious socio-economic variables (agricultural dependence, fixity of settlement, community size, population density, and class stratification) will predict political complexity (279).
Winkelman, Michael JamesPopulation density, population pressure, internal and external war for land and resources, and a low hierarchical focus of religion will be positively associated with human sacrifice (285, 294).
Burton, Michael L.Population pressure (measured by population density) will be associated with increased male agricultural participation and decreased female agricultural participation (574).
Ember, MelvinPopulation density will be related to the likelihood of warfare for land in New Guinea (646).
Harrington, Jesse R.Tight states will exhibit a higher incidence of natural disasters, greater environmental vulnerability, fewer natural resources, greater incidence of disease and higher mortality rates, higher population density and greater degrees of external threat (7992).
Barry III, Herbert"Contribution by women to agriculture is associated with several cultural customs rather than with a single dominant variable" (293).
Hart, John P.The neo-Malthusian model hypothesizes that climate will be positively related to agricultural production which will be positively related to population density (571).
Hart, John P.The Boserupian model hypothesizes that population density will be positively related to agricultural management which will be positively related to agricultural production (575).
Levinson, DavidHigh population density will be positively associated with pathological behavior in humans (i.e. homicide, suicide, drunken brawling, male insobriety, witchcraft attribution, and divorce) (743).
Levinson, DavidHigh population density will be positively associated with harsh treatment of infants and children by parents or caretakers (743).
Marlowe, Frank W.Primary biomass will be positively associated with population density among foragers (60).
Baker, MatthewPresence of hierarchy is positively associated with technology, population density and storage (236).
Kelly, Robert L.Population density will be positively associated with warfare frequency (71).
Pryor, Frederic L.Population density will be positively associated with the adoption of agriculture (883-6).
Low, Bobbi S.Environmental extremeness and range of variation will influence population density, mobility, and subsistence mode (238).
Cashdan, ElizabethSocialization for collectivist values will be associated with pathogen prevalence, population density, and levels of political integration (68).
Kelly, Raymond C.Population density will be positively associated with frequency of warfare (71).
Hendrix, LewellynSanctions regarding illegitimacy are positively associated with population density (78).
Murdock, George Peter"[There is] a marked tendency for mean population density to increase in direct proportion to the complexity of the prevailing techniques of food acquisition or production" (275-276)
Baker, MatthewSocieties that practice agriculture will be more technologically advanced, have greater population densities, operate in environments that are richer and more amenable to agriculture, and will be closer to the Fertile Crescent and/or another original hearth of agriculture (267).
Barry III, HerbertIn societies with intermediate permissiveness, child participation in adult activities is negatively associated with population density (359)
Gershman, BorisIn weakly institutionalized traditional societies, the evil eye belief will be associated with wealth inequality.
Axelsen, Jacob BockLinguistic diversity will be predicted by some of 14 environmental variables across continental regions universally (2).
Frederic L. PryorDependence on agriculture for subsistence will be associated with terrestrial resource stress. (81)
Frederic L. PryorAgricultural economy type (Herding-Plus, Egalitarian, Individualistic, or Semi-Marketized) will be associated with the presence of certain demographic and environmental characteristics. (111)
Power, CamillaFemale ritual costs will be positively associated with population density (276).
Alcorta, Candace StoreyLow population density will be associated with high paternal involvement
Winkelman, Michael JamesPossession trance beliefs in the context of religious practitioner training will be associated with higher social complexity
Freeman, Jacob"The relationship between population density and mean residence time is a positive, increasing curvilinear function (434)"
Freeman, Jacob"A critical threshold change should occur where the slope of the relationship between habitat residence time and population density changes dramatically, suggesting two distinct social regimes (434)"
Freeman, Jacob"social regimes should manifest among groups with and without institutional ownership (434)"; groups with formal resource ownership will exhibit higher slope in the relationship between time in a habitat and population density
Freeman, Jacob"Holding population density constant, forager groups should increase the time they spend within a habitat as the rate of resource growth in a habitat declines (434)"
Moscona, JacobThere will be a relationship between segmentary lineage and conflict, and this relationship does not work through prosperity or religion
Minocher, RianaPopulation density will predict the percent of married men who are polygynous.
Minocher, RianaPopulation density will predict cultural rules constraining polygyny.
Barthes, JulienStratified societies will be positively associated with females marrying up.
Borinskaya, S. A.Population density will be positively associated with G6PD deficiency (402).
Romanoff, Steven"Cassava reliance, relative to other crops (contribution to the diet and occupation of the land), should increase with population pressure (density adjusted for length of dry season) on agricultural resources)" (p.100).
Romanoff, Steven"Cassava will be more important where there are fewer food-getting strategies (less of a mix of subsistence strategies, wage labor, cash crops, government supplies, etc.); in turn food diversity will be positively associated with such cultural ecological variables as markets, access to markets, population density, and more elaborate technology" (p.101).
Romanoff, StevenProcessing technology will be more highly developed (mechanized) under the same conditions in which agricultural technology is more intense (p.106).
Adler, Michael A.The communal tenure of agricultural fields is less likely to occur once population densities reach a certain threshold, no matter what level of agricultural technology, crop, or productive organization (118).
Adler, Michael A.A population density of 60 persons per square kilometer or higher is a boundary point in predicting the presence of communal access system use (146).
Moritz, MarkCompetition for resources is positively correlated with type of land tenure system.
Coelho, Marco Túlio PachecoA larger number of individuals (greater population density) is positively correlated with a greater accumulation of languages (greater language diversity) (3).
Kavanaugh, PatrickPopulation density will be positively associated with property ownership
Kavanagh, Patrick H.Agriculture arose as environmental conditions improved and population densities increased
Eff, E. AnthonPopulation density will be positively associated with the frequency of external war
Osafo-Kwaako, PhilipPolitical centralization will be predicted by population density, frequency of being attacked, and trade in the worldwide sample, but not in the Africa sub-sample.
Osafo-Kwaako, PhilipLevels of sovereignty will be predicted by population density, frequency of being attacked, and trade in the worldwide sample, but not in the Africa sub-sample.
Osafo-Kwaako, PhilipAgricultural potential may predict population density, which in turn could predict political centralization in the world sample, but not in the African sample.
Kavanagh, Patrick H.A variety of ecological, economic, and anthropological factors will predict the prevalence of land ownership.
Cuelho, Mario Tulio PachecoPopulation density will be a predictor of language diversity in North America.
Cuelho, Mario Tulio PachecoRiver density, ecoregion richness, topographic complexity, climate change velocity, precipitation constancy, and temperature constancy all help explain variation in population density.
Nugent, Jeffrey B.Tribal societies in Sudan that experience more local spatial rainfall variability will be more likely to establish more common property rights.
Nugent, Jeffrey B.Tribal societies in Sudan that experience more local spatial rainfall variability will be less likely to have centralized hierarchical institutions.

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