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Minturn, Leigh". . . the scales for marriage arrangement and ease of divorce are not significantly related to any of the sex practices scales . . . [adolescent sex segregation, sex anxiety, sex charms, attitude toward homosexuality, frequency of homosexuality, and punishment and frequency of rape]" (307)
Gray, J. PatrickHigh levels of female power within a marriage will be associated with increased levels of divorce (229).
Quinlan, Robert J.Divorce will be positively associated with the presence of alloparenting (153).
Broude, Gwen J.Male and female premarital sex will be associated with individual choice of marriage partners as well as lower divorce rates (177).
Schlegel, Alice"Disruption of marriage and divorce are also closely associated with the authority patterns. In both Brother Dominant and Neither Dominant societies, the stable figure tends to be the woman, with the husband leaving in case of divorce" (85)
Hobhouse, L. T.Divorce, whether by will of either party, consent of both, or subject to bride price adjustments, is unrelated to economic development (165)
Textor, Robert B.In societies with high divorce rates, polygynous marriage will be common or occasional (252, 272).
Li, ZeyangIncreased divorce rate will be positively associated with depression prevalence.
Endress, Ansgar D. Socio-cultural values of countries predict COVID-19 mortality rates.

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  1. social stratification
  2. termination of marriage