HRAF Promotional Media & Downloads

We offer a number of media and marketing resources to promote our growing collection of products and services. On this page, you will find more information about our available print materials such as flyers, posters, and brochures, in addition to a selection of our featured HRAF videos. These are ideal for library displays, to promote collection access, or for distribution among students and faculty during departmental events, open days, or library tours.

Contact to request: (1) a password-protected download link for digital files; or (2) a package of printed materials to be sent to your physical address via post. Print media limit: 3 posters, 20 brochures, 1 banner per request, per institution.

Printable Materials

The following HRAF promotional materials are available upon request:

HRAF large banner at the back; medium poster to the right; small brochure in the front left.

  • Small Bi-fold Brochure: 8×11″. Contains map of culture regions in eHRAF World Cultures and Archaeology as well as information about all HRAF Products.
  • Medium Products Poster/Flyer: 16×20″. Tall poster with four quadrants containing key points about each HRAF Product.
  • Large Graphic Banner: Maximum 6×4 ft; can be scaled down. Large graphic banner with colorful images depicting anthropological and archaeological subjects.


Video Gallery

Introducing Human Relations Area Files

Learn more about Explaining Human Culture

From the Archives: Vintage HRAF Video







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