Reference Materials

Downloads and spreadsheets (PDF and Excel Files) with comprehensive metadata (e.g. subsistence and sample types, time/data ranges, document and page counts, and microfiche information) for eHRAF’s culture collection documents


All the information needed for a library to set up or to update its listing of eHRAF, including OCLC catalog records.

Faculty & Teaching

Practical advice for lecturers, teachers, and faculty wishing to incorporate eHRAF into their teaching curriculum.


How the eHRAF databases can be used for a variety of research purposes, including how it differs from other databases, and an overview of cross-cultural research.


All you need to know about eHRAF, including some myths about the databases and where to find help.

Promotional Media

A variety of media and marketing resources that can be used to promote HRAF's growing collection of products and services.