Christina Carolus

Intern and Research Assistantchristina-med

Christina graduated from UC Berkeley in 2015 with a B.A. in anthropology. Her primary focuses were in archaeology and archaeological science. Since 2010, she has been a teacher’s assistant and researcher at La Milpa Research Station, the site of a Maya regional center in northwest Belize (PfBAP, University of Texas). Other recent work includes excavation and archaeobotanical processing in association with a team from Southern Methodist University, University of Hawaii, and the Bishop Museum in Honolulu to re-date Hawai’i’s prehistoric Kona Field System.

Christina’s field and lab work has been oriented primarily toward questions of human-environmental interaction. Her thesis research employs multiscalar analysis of plant remains to investigate dimensions of local environmental change and landscape management at the Classic Period Maya city of La Milpa.

On a broader level, she is interested in the combined power of interdisciplinary collaboration and a four-field anthropological approach as a means to explore alternative histories, forge new perspectives, and provide unique and essential insights into the challenges that face humanity. She is also interested in the continued integration of multidisciplinary scientific methods and data into anthropological study.

Christina is an editorial board member and reviewer for the International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology (IJSRA). She is in the process of applying to graduate school.