Drivers of insect consumption across human populations

Evolutionary Anthropology Vol/Iss. 31(1) Wiley Periodicals Published In Pages: 45-59
By Cruz y Celis Peniche, Patricio


This study seeks to shed light on the practice of entomophagy (insect consumption) across human population and seeks to explain the variability in its practice. The author explore potential ecological predictors for insect consumption (climate, subsistence practices, other available food resources, dietary needs) as well as cultural predictors (social transmission, cultural norms, evolution, and shift). Ultimately, the author concludes that entomophagy may be a useful medium through which to examine the interaction between social learning, subsistence strategies, and modernization.


Sample Used Coded Data Comment
eHRAF World CulturesCombinationEntomophagy was coded from eHRAF for this study; other variables came from other researchers

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