Diversity and homogeneity in world societies

HRAF Press New Haven, CT Published In Pages: 190
By Bourguignon, Erika, Greenbaum, Lenora


Settlement pattern will vary according to world region (39).


More than 50% of societies in Africa, the Circum-Mediterranean, East Eurasia, Insular Pacific, and South America are settled in compact/complex patterns. Scattered neighborhoods are a second important settlement pattern in Africa (38%), Insular Pacific (27%), and circum-Mediterranean )(23%). Seminomadism is practiced by 67% of North American and 20% of East Eurasian and South American societies. Migratory bands and seminomadic groups are rare in Africa and the Insular Pacific, and compact/impermanent settlements are rare everywhere.


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Comparison of percentagesSupport claimedUNKNOWNUNKNOWNUNKNOWN


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Settlement PatternDependentSettlement Patterns
World RegionIndependentIdentification, Location