Adolescence: an anthropological inquiry

The Free Press New York Published In Pages: 262
By Schlegel, Alice, Barry III, Herbert


Expected antisocial behavior will be associated with recognition of adolescence as a new stage, including various demands made of adolescents in anticipation of adulthood.


Significant demands of adolescents include new roles in the family (r = 0.65) and community (r = 0.5), ownership of productive property (r = 0.44), and high degree of opportunity to own property (r = 0.52). Anticipation of adulthood includes adult character being established in adolescence (r = 0.49), high degree of opportunity to choose spouse (r = 0.38), and antisocial behavior by adult men (r = 0.55).


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Pearson's chi-squareSupportedp < 0.01r = 0.37UNKNOWN