The relationship between use of alcohol and thematic content of folktales in primitive societies

The General Inquirer Vol/Iss. n.a. M.I.T. Press Cambridge Published In Pages: 569-588
By Kalin, Rudolph, Davis, William N., McClelland, David C.


"...the thematic content of folktales (thought system of a society) [will be correlated with] ethnographic ratings (description of the action or reality system)" (p.184)


Both the thematic hunt variable and hunting economy variable were found to be positively correlated with the combination drinking score (r=.44, p<.01, and r=.22 p>.1, respectively). Hunting economy and frequency of drunkenness were also correlated (r=.32, p<.05). Hunting economy was also found to be correlated with themes of hunting in folktales (r=.22, p<.1). Hunting economy and themes of fear were not significantly correlated. The significant negative correlation between the thematic tags "fear" and "hunt" (r=-.44, p<.01), indicate the mutual exclusivity of these themes.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Correlation (multiple)SupportedMultiple p-valuesMultiple r valuestwo-tailed