Irrigation and gender roles

Journal of Development Economics Vol/Iss. 163 Elsevier Published In Pages: 1-15
By Fredriksson, Per G. , Gupta, Satyendra Kumar


More traditional plough use is associated with higher contemporary male labor force participation.


While this is significant in one out of three models, when additional controls are added, the relationship goes away. Interestingly, the relationship is negative, indicating that plough use actually also decreases male labor force participation. Data from the World Values Survey shows no significant relationship, and the Afrobarometer shows a significant relationship in some models, but the relationship is again negative.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Ordinary Least SquaresNot supportedSee tables on pages 5, 7, and 8See tables on pages 5, 7, and 8UNKNOWN