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  1. Because potters rely on their craft for subsistence rather than relying on agriculture, horticulture, pastoralism, hunting, or fishing, the odds that potters are exclusively or predominantly female will decrease (235)Byrne, Bryan - Access to subsistence resources and the sexual division of labor among potters, 1994 - 2 Variables

    The author tests a theory that the gender division of labor among potters is determined by the degree that pottery functions as a form of subsistence. A logistic regression analysis of the variables are presented and coding for gender of potter and access to resources are included.

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  2. "Societies that have extensive regional trade routes and families who cannot survive on their own agricultural or foraging resources are likely to have male clothes makers" (309).Byrne, Bryan - Subsistence strategies and the division of labor by gender among clothes mak..., 1999 - 2 Variables

    Tests the theory that division of labor among clothes makers is determined by the role of clothes making in subsistence; the effect of agriculture and trade is considered.

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