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Ember, Carol R.Societies with intensive agriculture will have higher fertility than societies with horticulture.
Nag, Moni"[Our] data do not support the hypothesis that polygyny is associated with reduced fertility" (94)
Nag, Moni"Our data support the hypothesis that there is a negative association between the incidence of sterility and fertility" (122)
von Rueden, Christopher R.Male status is positively associated with mating effort, but not with offspring mortality (10825).
Textor, Robert B.Societies that do not segregate boys at adolescence will have a low composite fertility level (280, 370).
Textor, Robert B.Societies with high food taboos observations will have a high composite fertility level (280, 449).
Textor, Robert B.Societies with extreme boastfulness will have a high composite fertility level (280, 474).
Textor, Robert B.Societies where the attaining of wives is by relatively easy means, such as token bride price, gift exchange, or receipt of dowry, will have a high composite fertility level (280, 263).
Barber, NigelThe secondary sex ratio will decline as total fertility increases.

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