Jurisdictional Hierarchy

Associated Documents (13)

Main AuthorPublished YearTitle
Barry III, HerbertInfant socialization and games of chance
Blumberg, Rae LesserSocietal complexity and familial complexity: evidence for the curvilinear hypothesis
Bourguignon, ErikaAltered states of consciousness within a general evolutionary perspective: a holocultural analysis
Nielsen, FrancoisThe ecological-evolutionary typology of human societies and the evolution of social inequality
Peregrine, Peter N.Political strategy and cross-cultural variation in games
Johnson, Dominic D.P.God's punishment and public goods
Roberts, John M.Riddles: expressive models of interrogation
Naroll, RaoulBorrowing versus migration as selection factors in cultural evolution
Bourguignon, ErikaPossession
Bourguignon, ErikaDiversity and homogeneity in world societies
Michalopoulos, SteliosPre‐colonial ethnic institutions and contemporary African development
Neupert-Wentz, ClaraThe democraticness of traditional political systems in Africa
Mayshar, JoramThe origin of the state: land productivity or appropriability?

Associated Hypotheses (14)

Main AuthorHypothesis
Barry III, Herbert"Jurisdictional hierarchy . . . is positively associated with games of chance both for the world sample and outside North America" (302)
Blumberg, Rae Lesser"We find a curvilinear relationship . . . between familial complexity and each of the four aspects of . . . societal complexity . . . mean size of local community, permanence of settlement, stratification, and . . . levels of jurisdictional hierarchy" (907, 908, 909)
Bourguignon, ErikaSocial stratification, jurisdictional hierarchy, economic production, and use of agriculture will be associated with trance type (199-200, 205).
Nielsen, FrancoisSubsistence type will be significantly associated with class stratification, jurisdictional hierarchy, inheritance of office of local headman, inheritance of property, presence of games of strategy, and polygyny (299-306).
Peregrine, Peter N.Games of strategy will be more common in societies where political power is based on a "network strategy" (386).
Peregrine, Peter N.Enculturative activities that increase obedience will be more common in network societies (390).
Johnson, Dominic D.P.In a multiple regression model, presence of high gods will be positively associated with money and credit, credit source, community size, jurisdictional hierarchy beyond the local community, and sanctions (426).
Bourguignon, ErikaLevels of jurisdictional hierarchy will vary according to world region (48).
Roberts, John M."The more elaborate the jurisdictional hierarchy, the more likely riddles" (515)
Naroll, RaoulOver the general course of evolution during the past several thousand years [peaceful] borrowing has been at least as important a selection factor as has been [warlike] migration. Triads consisting of 1) base society 2) nearby society from different language family (borrowers) and 3) distant society from same language family as base society (migrators) were compared for eleven culture traits (209, 204)
Bourguignon, ErikaPossession-trance belief will be associated with jurisdictional hierarchy beyond the local level; possession-belief-only will not (43).
Michalopoulos, SteliosPolitical centralization among pre-colonial African ethnic institutions is positively associated with contemporary regional development (114).
Neupert-Wentz, ClaraJusidictional hierarchy will be correlated with the democraticness of traditional political systems in Africa.
Mayshar, JoramSocieties relying mainly on cereal crops for subsistence may be positively associated with jurisdictional hierarchy beyond the local level.

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  1. community heads
  2. community councils
  3. territorial hierarchy
  4. form and rules of government
  5. judicial authority