Age Of Weaning

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Broude, Gwen J.No significant relationships were found between premarital sex norms and the following caretaking-anxiety variables: display of affection, age of independence training, ease of independence training, age of weaning, number of caretakers (395, 396)
Hines, Dwight"References to odors [in folktales was positively correlated with] age of weaning" (5)
Whiting, John W.M."[There is] interaction between family structure and age of weaning [on the] . . . extent to which a person who gets sick blames himself (i.e., patient responsibility--an indirect measure of guilt assumption)" (164, 165)
Field, Peter B.There will be a relationship between drunkenness and the following measures of orality: age of weaning, oral socialization anxiety, oral satisfaction, oral explanations of illness, oral therapies, food taboos during pregnancies, feasts or food taboos during mourning" (69)
Whiting, Marjorie GrantThe age of weaning will be later in societies with higher percentages of protein in the average diet (230).
Whiting, Marjorie GrantThe age of weaning is later in societies with high calorie diets than those with low calorie diets (230).

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  1. infant feeding
  2. weaning and food training