Childhood Activities: A Searchable Subject in eHRAF

Photo taken by Ulrike Haase

Tarahumara Children Sitting on the Doorsteps of a Church. Photo Credit: Ulrike Haase

eHRAF World Cultures includes data on childhood activities including children’s play; imitative activities (e.g., make-believe); habits of rest and sleep; children’s play groups, cliques, and gangs; quarreling and fighting; children’s explorations and haunts; tasks performed by children and age at which each is undertaken (e.g., errands, chores, care of younger children); etc.

The ethnographic texts in eHRAF World Cultures are indexed with subjects (also called OCMs). The subjects can be used in Advanced Search to find relevant paragraphs and pages for concepts such as children activities. This screenshot shows a search for the OCM subject “children activities” and the Tarahumara culture of Mexico. Email us for temporary access to eHRAF World Cultures.


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