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eHRAF World Cultures- an online ethnographic database

eHRAF World Cultures- an online ethnographic database

Use the links to the right to browse the various culture lists relevant to eHRAF World Cultures. Below you’ll find short descriptions.

By Regions & Subsistence Types
A table with all the cultures and ethnic groups currently covered in eHRAF World Cultures. The table is interactive as it can be sorted by culture name, region, subregion and subsistence types.  A definition of the subsistence types follows the table.

Probability Sample Files (PSF)
60 cultures that are a representative sample of eHRAF World Cultures.

Simple Random Sample (SRS)
A list of randomly chosen cultures.

Culture Updates
A list with the culture names that were added in the last installment and a preview of upcoming cultures.

Microfiche versus Online Format
A list of cultures names in microfiche and paper format (HRAF Collection of Ethnography) and online format (eHRAF World Cultures).

Topics and Cultures in eHRAF: This printable PDF document serves as handy reference and overview of all the topics on cultural and social life, and all cultures, past and present, currently covered in HRAF’s cross-cultural online databases. Last update: April 5, 2014. Please check for regular updates.

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