Use the links to the right or below to browse the resources available for librarians, faculty, researchers, and users of the eHRAF databases.

Reference Materials

You can find eHRAF-specific downloads and spreadsheets (PDF and Excel Files) with comprehensive metadata (e.g., subsistence & sample types, time and data ranges, document & page counts, and microfiche archive – online comparisons) for eHRAF’s culture collection documents on the Reference Materials page.


This section includes information for a library to set up or to update its listing of eHRAF.  Information on OCLC catalog records can also be found in this section.

Faculty & Teaching

This section links to Teaching eHRAF, an innovative, interdisciplinary teaching portal that provides faculty with ideas on how to use the eHRAF databases in their curricula. The 40+ online student exercises, designed for undergraduate and graduate level classes focus on cultural anthropology, archaeology, medical anthropology, and cross-cultural research methods. The Faculty Information page provides practical advice for faculty wishing to incorporate eHRAF in their teaching curriculum.

Researchers and Students

This section includes a discussion of how the eHRAF databases can be used for a variety of research purposes; how the eHRAF databases differ from other databases; some of the myths about eHRAF; and why the units of based on cultures and societies, not generally on countries. There is also an overview of cross-cultural research, including a discussion of how ethnography can be used by archaeologists.