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With a team of 12 employees, Human Relations Area Files is a small, non-profit organization. We service over 500 academic member institutions from around the world. We care about our members and pride ourselves in providing personalized support for librarians, faculty, students, researchers and anyone else who uses the eHRAF databases.

Faculty support: Looking for new teaching ideas? We’ll give suggestions on how to incorporate eHRAF in a course curriculum and/or syllabus. Free webinars for student classes and customized video tutorials are available. Online student exercises can be found here.

Research support: Searching eHRAF for cultures and subjects/words at the paragraph-level is a unique concept. We’d be happy to help faculty, researchers, students, and other users with search tips and strategies to optimize this powerful online resource.

Library support: Informative and interactive webinars are available for librarians to discuss how eHRAF is organized, its unique search methodology, and its interdisciplinary uses. The webinars can be one-on-one, or scheduled for a group.

eHRAF Webinars

An eHRAF Webinar is a free interactive learning tool for individuals and groups to familiarize themselves with the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases.

Why a Webinar?

  • Presents ways eHRAF can be used for research and teaching
  • Comprehensive overview of eHRAF
    • Subject/Culture indexing system
    • Search & browse navigation
    • Search strategies

Customized for:

  • Librarians
  • Faculty
  • Student Classes
  • Researchers

What’s needed?

  • Computer(s) that allow downloads
  • Internet access
  • Built-in microphone/speaker system or a speaker phone
  • Work stations with laptops or projector and screen for group sessions

For more information contact Christiane Cunnar, HRAF Member Services at hraf@yale.edu or call her at 1-203-764-9401.

Additional Links

Practical Guide to Using eHRAF

Advanced Search Tips: Details on Boolean searching in eHRAF and other tips.  How to Add Cultures & Subjects: Step-by-step instructions
eHRAF Search Examples & Methodology :Hands-on practice using eHRAF with examples for ethnographic research and comparative archaeology.
Basic Guide to Cross-Cultural Research: A guide that takes you through the basic steps of a cross-cultural study using the HRAF Collection of Ethnography (paper or microfiche) or the online version (eHRAF World Cultures)
Webinars, Services & Support
Video Tutorials: Short YouTube tutorials that show how eHRAF World Cultures & eHRAF Archaeology work
Teaching eHRAF:30+ online student exercises for anthropology, archaeology, medical anthropology, and research methods classes

Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM) Subjects: Topics covered in HRAF’s online cross-cultural databases.
Cultures Covered in eHRAF World Cultures
Traditions Covered in eHRAF Archaeology
Printable PDF: Serves as handy reference and overview of all the OCM subjects on cultural and social life, and all cultures, past and present, currently covered in HRAF’s cross-cultural online databases. Last update: April 5, 2014. Please check for regular updates.




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