Supplementary Material for Published Articles

Corporal Punishment of Children

Carol R. Ember and Melvin Ember “Explaining Corporal Punishment of Children: A Cross-Cultural Study,” American Anthropologist, 107 (2005).


 Male Initiation Ceremonies

Carol R. Ember and Melvin Ember. 2010. “Explaining Male Initiation Ceremonies: New Cross-Cultural Tests and a Catalytic Model.” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 41:605-616.

Codes and Coding Procedures

Risk, Uncertainty, and Violence in Eastern Africa

Carol R. Ember, Teferi Abate Adem, and Ian Skoggard. 2013. Risk, uncertainty, and violence in eastern Africa: a cross-regional comparison. Human Nature  24: 33-58.

Codes and Coding Procedures

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