Haley Brown

Haley BrownOffice Assistant

As Office Assistant, Haley works with many different people at HRAF. Her duties include processing graphics, filling book orders, and managing archival documents.

She received her master’s degree in Archaeological Studies from Yale University in 2023, and her bachelor’s degree in Global Studies from University of Vermont. During both her undergraduate and graduate studies, she spent time abroad doing archaeological and anthropological field work in Ecuador, Peru, Nepal, and Israel. Most recently, her archaeological work brought her to the Andes where she spent time illustrating artifacts after excavation.

Her master’s thesis at Yale was titled “Presenting the Ancient Andes: Archaeological Illustration in Ecuador and Peru”. This project represented her unique take on re-imagining and presenting the ancient past through illustration. She focused on the intersection between art history in the Andes and our current understanding of the archaeological record left behind by illustrators.

During her three years as a graduate student at Yale, Haley illustrated for prominent archaeological publications authored by Dr. Nicholas E. Brown, Dr. Anne Underhill, and Corey Herrmann. Haley illustrated scientific pieces for various courses and gave two lectures at Yale: “Archaeological Artistry in the Andes: Illustrations from Ecuador and Peru”, and “Art, Entrepreneurship, and the Empowered Female Form”.