Jake Kalodner

Jake KalodnerIntern

Jake graduated cum laude from Yale University in 2021 with a dual B.A. in Archaeological Studies and Anthropology, with honors. He has been engaged in research in archaeology since 2015, and has participated in archaeological projects in the American Southwest, Spain, Ireland, Mongolia, and Peru, as well as cultural resource management projects in the Mid-Atlantic region. Recent work includes working on the creation of a new set of standards for the pXRF analysis of ceramics (Frahm et al., 2022), as well as the archaeomagnetic dating of burned soil samples from the site of Chawin Punta in the Peruvian central highlands.

Through his research, Jake has often been interested in understanding the phenomenology of archaeological societies, and has attempted to answer these questions through the use of both philosophical and material science approaches. For his undergraduate thesis, he used stable isotope analysis of pig remains from the Akkadian occupation of Tell Leilan to attempt to address questions of resilience and resistance against imperial control.

Jake’s interest in addressing such questions that are not often easily answered by the scant remains found at archaeological sites has led him to cross-cultural anthropology and ethnography, which he believes can lend significant insight into the everyday lives of archaeological societies, and is excited to be pursuing this further at the Human Relations Area Files. He is currently in the process of applying to graduate school.