Rachele Pierro


Rachele holds a MA in Environment and Development (King’s College London, UK, 2006) and a Laurea in Italian and Anthropology (Universita’ di Genova, Italy, 1998).

For her MA dissertation, Rachele carried out research in Zanzibar to analyse the role of the Community Based Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park in solving the conflict between rural communities and endangered primates, and the degree of communities’ participation in the management of the Park.

Subsequently, she worked as a researcher at the Disaster Risk Reduction Unit at Christian Aid (London, UK), an international development charity working through partnership with local organizations in developing countries. Her research contributed to shaping Christian Aid’s policy position in disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. She also collaborated on a multi-year project supporting local NGOs in their effort to strengthen communities’ capacity to manage and recover from disasters and reduce future risk.

Rachele Pierro joined HRAF in April 2015 to participate in the Climate-Related Hazards, Disasters, and Cultural Transformations project.

In addition to working at HRAF, Rachele is currently collaborating with a Refugee Organization where she is involved in a women’s support group for Afghan refugees.

Rachele’s research interests include:  political ecology in natural resources management, social aspects of sustainable development and conservation, gender perspectives in climate change adaptation and vulnerability analysis to natural hazards.