A cross-cultural study of drinking: ii. relations to other features of culture

Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, Suppl. Vol/Iss. 3 Published In Pages: 29-48
By Bacon, Margaret K., Barry III, Herbert, Child, Irvin L.


This study explores cultural variables associated with frequency of drunkenness and ceremonial drinking. Particular attention was paid to childhood socialization variables, as well as politcal and social organization. Results show a low correlation between frequency of drunkenness and frequency of ceremonial drinking, and various other variables are associated with each.


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HRAF Collection of Ethnography (paper/fiche)
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Hypotheses (12)

"Indulgence of dependence is negatively related to frequency of [drunkenness]" (35)Supported
"None of the [indulgence of dependence measures are related to] ceremonial drinking" (35)Supported
"The overall measures of indulgence in infancy and childhood show significant negative correlations with general consumption of alcohol" (35)Supported
"Pressures toward achievement and self-reliance would be associated with frequent drunkenness" (38)Supported
". . . there is no relationship . . . [between] frequency of drunkenness . . . [and] all measures related to integrated drinking" (39)Supported
"A high frequency of ceremonial drinking tends to be characteristic of societies whose drinking customs extend back into aboriginal times" (39)Supported
"A high frequency of ceremonial drinking tends to occur in societies with a higher level of political integration and social stratification, a more densely populated settlement pattern and slavery" (40)Supported
"Pressures toward achievement and self reliance are . . . [negatively related] with ceremonial drinking" (41)Supported
"Four measures of responsibility socialization show positive strong relationships with ceremonial drinking . . . and with general consumption of alcohol" (42)Supported
"Childhood anxiety over being nurturant shows a statistically significant positive relationship with general consumption [of alcohol]" (42)Supported
"[There is a] positive correlation between unreality of storing [food] and frequency of drunkenness" (42)Supported
There are significant negative correlations of frequency of drunkenness with anal socialization anxiety and competition in the acquisition of wealth (43)Supported

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