Norm violations and punishments across human societies

Evolutionary Human Sciences Vol/Iss. 5 Cambridge University Press Published In Pages: E11
By Garfield, Zachary H., Ringen, Erik J. , Buckner, William, Medupe, Dithapelo, Wrangham, Richard W. , Glowachi, Luke


Reputational punishments will be positively correlated with higher sociopolitical complexity, including more external trade, food storage, and more dependence on animal husbandry.


The sociopolitical variables are 1) the presence of food storage, 2) the presence of social stratification, 3) greater community size, and 4) the presence of external trade. The results does not support the first three variables, but there is a moderate association with the last variable.


Test NameSupportSignificanceCoefficientTail
Bayesian phylogenetic regression analysisNot supported90% HPDIUNKNOWNUNKNOWN