Documents, Citation and Referencing

As of May 2022:

eHRAF World Cultures

361 cultures
6,676 documents
769,002 pages

eHRAF Archaeology

107 traditions
2,589 documents
157,482 pages




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There are several ways that you can save a record of your eHRAF search results. Here’s what you can and cannot download:

  • Users can freely download bibliographic references for importing into bibliographic software such as EndNote or other purposes (see Citing eHRAF for more information).
  • In the current version of eHRAF, users can export a CSV file containing links to search results. Alternatively, use the Notebook feature to save and annotate results.
  • Consistent with fair usage, entire documents are generally not available to download or view in eHRAF. To download entire documents, users should contact their institution’s library for their holdings and/or use interlibrary loan.


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When citing a document from eHRAF, please include both the original publication citation (if applicable) followed by information about where and when you found it. You should also include the date of access for any eHRAF resource to complete your bibliographic reference.

For your convenience, preformatted references that you can copy and paste into your bibliography or save directly to your referencing software are provided directly within the eHRAF database interface. You may also choose to print or email citation information including selected excerpts from documents. For a detailed guide on how this works, see Finding citation information in eHRAF.


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This feature is not yet available. However, we are working on revamping our entire application to make it more modular and flexible. One of the items on our development list is to have more options for exporting. Various formats are under consideration.


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