What is the difference between HRAF and eHRAF?

These clarifications will help you when referring to HRAF and eHRAF.

  • Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) is the name of our non-profit organization at Yale University.
  • eHRAF World Cultures is the name of HRAF’s online ethnographic database.
  • eHRAF Archaeology is the name of HRAF’s online archaeological database
  • HRAF Collection of Ethnography refers to the paper and fiche collections. (Note that many people have referred to this collection as the “HRAF files” for short, but we think the full name is clearer, especially since we now have an archaeological database.)

In short, HRAF refers to our organization as a whole, while eHRAF refers to our searchable online databases for cross-cultural research.

Notes on access

The HRAF homepage (hraf.yale.edu), which contains the eHRAF Highlights blog, teaching resources, research materials, user guides and other information, is freely available to all visitors. The eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases are only accessible via member institutions or through paid subscription (free trials are available).


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