Why isn’t Culture X in eHRAF World Cultures?

As of 2020, eHRAF has 330 cultures included, which is well below the thousands of cultures that exist in the world. HRAF’s mission is to facilitate cross-cultural research with as much in-depth cultural coverage as we can provide for each culture rather than to have complete coverage of all the cultures of the world.

Adding cultures to eHRAF is labor-intensive. Before an ethnographic document can be added to the database, it is processed by our research analysts who index each and every paragraph to enable meaningful searching using subject codes. Our small, non-profit team is largely supported by membership dues. While we continue to add additional pages of ethnography every year (see “How often are the databases updated?“), we cannot possibly process as many cultures as people might like.

That said, if you have a particular culture you want to see in eHRAF, please write to us and let us know (hraf@yale.edu). Your suggestions may help us decide what to include in the future.


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