HRAF at SAA to Provide Research Support and Teaching Ideas for eHRAF

Christiane Cunnar, Member Services, at the HRAF booth at an anthropological conference

Research and teaching support for eHRAF users at SAA meeting in San Francisco

If you are attending the SAA meeting in San Francisco I’d like to invite you to stop by our HRAF booth to learn more about the recent changes that our development team has made to the eHRAF databases, including adding a new “Cite” feature.

I’d also like to show you other key features such as being able to sort search results for cultures and archaeological traditions by geographic regions and subregions, sample and even subsistence types.

Looking for new teaching materials for the next semester? I can give you ideas on how eHRAF can be used for teaching undergraduate and graduate level classes.

Interested in using eHRAF World Cultures & Archaeology for ethnographic or cross-cultural research? Let me know your specific research topic that you would like to answer with eHRAF and I’ll help you get the most out of our powerful and uniquely structured eHRAF databases.

If you are not attending the SAA meeting or do not have time to stop by the HRAF booth, but would like more information about how to use eHRAF for research and teaching, you can visit the Resources section at the HRAF homepage at  As always, feel free to contact me ( for questions you may have about our unique online resources or about the various support services that we provide.

Enjoy the SAA meeting and I hope to see you at the HRAF booth in the exhibit hall!

Christiane Cunnar
HRAF Member Services
Human Relations Area Files (HRAF) at Yale University