This section addresses a variety of topics that researchers may find useful before embarking on a research project involving eHRAF World Cultures or eHRAF Archaeology.

What are the ways that eHRAF might be used?

The eHRAF databases can be used for a variety of research purposes from single-society studies, small-scale comparisons, to systematic worldwide or regional comparisons. Archaeologists may be particularly interested in how ethnography can be used to make inferences from ethnography. Read more

What eHRAF is and what it is not

This section discusses how the eHRAF databases differ from other databases, some of the myths about eHRAF, and why the units of based on cultures and societies, not generally on countries. Read more

Cross-cultural research overview

An overview of cross-cultural research is presented with pointers to more detailed information on the basic steps, the importance of a time and place focus, the samples within eHRAF that can be used for systematic research, and where to find coded data. Read more

Using eHRAF

If you would like more information about how to use eHRAF, please see the User Guides and Tutorials