How do I access eHRAF from off-campus when working from home (EZ Proxy)?

First, check to see if your institution is a member by searching the lists on this page. If your institution is a member, the best way to ensure that you can access the databases from home or an off-campus location is to check your library website for proxy access information. Libraries typically require that you authenticate as a member of your university or college using your NetID/username and password before connecting to eHRAF.

If you have tried to authenticate via your library’s catalogue or online resources portal, but are still reaching our paywall, try using this free online Proxy List tool to generate an EZProxy link.  Search for your institution, then enter the link you are trying to view. Click the Proxify! button to follow the link.

sample proxy entry

NB. This tool is not provided by HRAF and may not include all institutions.


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