Simple Random Sample (SRS) (eHRAF World Cultures)

In a Simple Random Sample (SRS), all cases from a list have an equal chance of being chosen. As of September 1, 2016 there are 28 societies chosen by simple random sampling from a list of over 2,000 cultures. In contrast to the Probability Sample Files, the list is not stratified by geographical criteria and a culture does not have to have a certain amount of pages of ethnography. However, we only include a culture if it has at least the equivalent of one comprehensive ethnography.

For eHRAF World Cultures, the SRS is randomly sampled from a list of cultures compiled from 8 different cross-cultural samples (Ember et al. 1992. Computerized Concordance of Cross-Cultural Samples. New Haven: Human Relations Area Files).

This table shows all the cultures in the Simple Random Sample:

1AfricaEastern AfricaGandaFK07intensive agriculturalists
2South AmericaAmazon and OrinocoTukanoSQ19other subsistence combinations
3AfricaSouthern AfricaLakeshore TongaFR07other subsistence combinations
4North AmericaNorthwest Coast and CaliforniaPomoNS18hunter-gatherers
5AsiaEast AsiaOkinawansAC07intensive agriculturalists
6North AmericaNorthwest Coast and CaliforniaQuinaultNR17hunter-gatherers
7Middle America and the CaribbeanMaya AreaMaya (Yucatán Peninsula)NV10horticulturalists
8AsiaSoutheast AsiaMentawaiansOD09horticulturalists
9North AmericaPlains and PlateauAssiniboineNF04hunter-gatherers
11AfricaEastern AfricaNuerFJ22agro-pastoralists
12North AmericaNorthwest Coast and CaliforniaYokutsNS29hunter-gatherers
13South AmericaAmazon and OrinocoShipiboSE26horticulturalists
14AsiaSoutheast AsiaRungus DusunOC13horticulturalists
15AfricaSouthern AfricaOvimbunduFP13horticulturalists
16AsiaSouth AsiaBengaliAW69intensive agriculturalists
17AfricaEastern AfricaBenaFN31horticulturalists
18AfricaEastern AfricaBanyoroFK11horticulturalists
19EuropeSoutheastern EuropeGreeksEH01intensive agriculturalists
20AfricaWestern AfricaIgboFF26horticulturalists
21North AmericaNorthwest Coast and CaliforniaYukiNS30hunter-gatherers
22North AmericaNorthwest Coast and CaliforniaChinookans of the Lower Columbia RiverNR06hunter-gatherers
23North AmericaSouthwest and BasinZia PuebloNT38intensive agriculturalists
24AfricaEastern AfricaBagisuFK13horticulturalists
25EuropeScandinaviaIcelandersEQ01other subsistence combinations
26North AmericaArctic and SubarcticAlutiiqNA10hunter-gatherers
27AfricaEastern AfricaGusiiFL08horticulturalists
28AsiaSouth AsiaTamilAW16intensive agriculturalists


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Excel format: A comprehensive list of the 28 culture names from the Simple Random Sample (SRS) currently included in the eHRAF World Cultures database. The excel format also includes sequence and installment numbers, OWC codes, region coverage (including subregions), date coverage (beginning and ending dates for cultural materials), subsistence and the PSF sample type. The sequence numbers for each culture name make the excel table  useful for generating a random sample from eHRAF. Visit the Cross-Cultural Research section to learn more about random sampling.

Reference list for coverage in eHRAF [PDF; 1MB]

Reference list for coverage in eHRAF [PDF; 1MB]