Reviews and Testimonials

Faculty Teaching Testimonials

Find out what researchers and educators have to say about using the eHRAF databases from the classroom to the field site. Don’t forget to send us your feedback.

“My favorite strategy for using eHRAF in a classroom is to give each student a unique search topic. Students in World Religions will write discussion board essays using the eHRAF during 8 weeks of the semester. By that time, they will have lost all hesitation about reading/learning from an on-line source. The brightest students immediately see how to use eHRAF in other classes. I use eHRAF for more than teaching …” [Read full testimonial]

— Dr. Michael Fuller, St. Louis Community College at Meramec


“I particularly enjoy using the eHRAF system for introductory class projects because it enables students to both gain experience in completing comparative research projects and to become familiar with the collections available in the HRAF and eHRAF cultural databases. My students have been impressed by the breadth of topics and cultural areas included in this database that are accessible to them as they begin to develop and hone research skills.” [Read full testimonial]

— Kathryn Koziol, University of Arkansas


Database Reviews

eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology were both rated “highly recommended” by CHOICE Magazine (October 2015). Read the full text reviews here:

eHRAF Archaeology – K. Cleland-Sipfle, Southern Oregon University
eHRAF World Cultures – R. B. Ridinger, Northern Illinois University

A summary of the reviews and more information about Choice Magazine can be found here.