eHRAF Featured Country: Argentina

Over 400 cultures are represented across our collections in the eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases. Did you know that you can browse our databases by country? Some countries in the world contain a large number of cultures or ethnic groups from distinct areas or time periods. Grouping cultures by region and country in Browse Cultures (or Browse Traditions for Archaeology) in eHRAF makes it easy to get an overview of our culture offerings over large areas. See how to Browse Cultures or Traditions by Country in our eHRAF user guide.

In this post, we’re putting the spotlight on cultures in our collection from Argentina, inspired by this fascinating video of indigenous life.

The following cultures from Argentina can be found in eHRAF World Cultures, our ethnographic database:

Ona (SH04)
Mataco (SI07)
Guaraní (SM04)
Yahgan (SH06)
Inka (SE13)
Tehuelche (SH05)
Abipón (SI04)

Follow the links into eHRAF to view a culture profile for each culture. The Culture Summary will provide an overview of key information about the culture. You can also see what documents are in the collection. eHRAF members or authenticated visitors from member institutions can view the document collections in more detail as well as search the eHRAF databases cross-cultural data about Argentinian cultures using Advanced Search.

eHRAF Archaeology contains 4 archaeological traditions from Argentina:

Highland Andean Archaic (SE47)
Highland Andean Formative (SE48)
Andean Regional States (SE70)
Inka (SE80)

Note that HRAF Anthropologists ensure that all documents in our collections are included with the correct culture name. Where multiple ethnonyms are used to describe the same people, other names are indicated in the culture summary. eHRAF search will also automatically match culture names to our preferred term.

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Cover Photo by Marina Balasini & Juan Montiel