I’m getting an error message when using eHRAF. What should I do?

If you experience any technical issues or error messages while using eHRAF, the easiest fix is to create a new session. eHRAF sessions are automatically invalidated after 45 minutes of inactivity. To create a new session, you can clear your web browser’s cache and start again. You may need to re-authenticate or log in again via your institutional library if you are off-campus. Alternatively, you can open an additional browser and start a new session from there (for example, using Firefox instead of Chrome). This should resolve most errors due to invalidation which may have been caused by opening and closing many windows or tabs when using eHRAF over an extended period of time.

If the problem or error you are experiencing is not helped by refreshing your browser, contact our IT team at help@hraf.org. If you can, please include the text of any error messages as well as any other details about when or where the error occurred.


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