Large Batch of Documents Added to eHRAF (from microfiche)!

The table below lists 265 subject-indexed ethnographic documents recently added to eHRAF World Cultures. Previously available only on microfiche, these documents augment 44 online culture collections. Several culture collections gained ten or more new documents: the Belau, Central Thai, Javanese, Mescalero Apache, Ojibwa, Samoyed, Tamil, and Ute. Click here to see the total number of documents added for each culture.  

CultureAuthorTitlePublication DateSCCS Sample Match?
African AmericansAbrahams, Roger D.Talking Black1976
African AmericansDavis, AllisonChildren of bondage: the personality development of Negro youth in the urban South1940
African AmericansDu Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt)The Philadelphia Negro: a social study1967
African AmericansEaton, IsabelSpecial report on Negro domestic service in the Seventh Ward, Philadelphia1967
African AmericansHolt, Thomas C.Afro-Americans1980
African AmericansOsofsky, GilbertHarlem: the making of a ghetto ; Negro New York, 1890-19301971
African AmericansRohrer, John H. (John Harrison)The eighth generation: cultures and personalities of New Orleans Negroes1960
African AmericansWilliams, Melvin D.Community in a Black Pentecostal church: an anthropological study1974
AinuHitchcock, RomynThe Ainos of Yezo Japan1891Yes
AkanAmoo, J. W. A.The effect of western influence on Akan marriage1946
AkanChristensen, James BoydDouble descent among the Fanti1954
AkanClarke, EdithThe sociological significance of ancestor-worship in Ashanti1930
AkanConnolly, R. M.Social life in Fanti-land1897
AkanFortes, MeyerTime and social structure: an Ashanti case study1949Yes
AkanLantis, MargaretFanti omens1940
AkanManoukian, MadelineAkan and Ga-Adangme peoples of the Gold Coast1950
AkanMead, MargaretA Twi relationship system1937
AkanRattray, R. S. (Robert Sutherland)Cross-cousin marriages1924
AmishHostetler, John AndrewThe cultural context of the Wisconsin case1975
AmishKeim, Albert N.From Erlanbach to New Glarus1975
AmishNagata, Judith A.Continuity and change among the Old Order Amish of Illinois1969
AmishRechlin, Alice T. M. (Alice Theodora Merten)Spatial behavior of the Old Order Amish of Nappanee, Indiana1976
AmishSmith, Elmer LewisA study of acculturation in an Amish community1956
AmishStoll, JosephWho shall educate our children?1975
AndamansTemple, Richard C.The languages1903
AndamansTemple, Richard C.Ethnography1903
BelauAbe, GoeAn ethnohistory of Palau under the Japanese colonial administration1989
BelauAoyagi, MachikoThe geographical recognition of Palauan people with special reference to the four directions1982
BelauJohannes, R. E. (Robert Earle)The traditional conservation ethic and its decline1981
BelauJohannes, R. E. (Robert Earle)Seabirds as fishfinders1981
BelauJohannes, R. E. (Robert Earle)Rhythms of fish and fishermen1981
BelauJohannes, R. E. (Robert Earle)Palauan fishing methods1981
BelauJohannes, R. E. (Robert Earle)Introduction1981
BelauMcCutcheon, Mary S. (Mary Shaw)Resource exploitation and the tenure of land and sea in Palau1989
BelauMcKnight, Robert K.Competition in Palau1989
BelauUseem, JohnReport on Palau1949
BelauVidich, Arthur J.Political factionalism in Palau: its rise and development1949
BembaLabrecque, Éd.Marriage customs of the Babemba tribe1931Yes
BlackfootDempsey, Hugh AylmerSocial dances of the Blood Indians of Alberta, Canada1956
BlackfootDempsey, Hugh AylmerHistory and identification of Blood bands1982
BlackfootEwers, John C. (John Canfield)Blackfoot Indian pipes and pipemaking1963
BlackfootEwers, John C. (John Canfield)Self-torture in the Blood Indian Sun Dance1948
BlackfootGoldfrank, Esther Schiff'Old Man' and the father image in Blood (Blackfoot) society1967
BlackfootKehoe, Alice BeckThe Giveaway ceremony of Blackfoot and Plains Cree1980
BlackfootSchaeffer, Claude E.The bison drive of the Blackfeet Indians1978
BlackfootUnited States. Nutrition ProgramBlackfeet Indian Reservation1964
BlackfootWied, Maximilian, Prinz vonSojourn at Fort McKenzie, August 9 - September 14, 1833: Part IV1976
Central ThaiAnderson, Wanni WibulswasdiChildren's play and games in rural Thailand: a study in enculturation and socialization1973
Central ThaiGoldsen, Rose KohnFactors related to acceptance of innovations in Bang Chan,Thailand1957Yes
Central ThaiHauck, Hazel MarieBang Chan follow-up studies1962
Central ThaiHauck, Hazel MarieAspects of health, sanitation and nutritional status in a Siamese rice village1956Yes
Central ThaiHauck, Hazel MarieMaternal and child health in a Siamese rice village1959Yes
Central ThaiIngersoll, Jasper CookeFatalism in village Thailand1966Yes
Central ThaiJudd, PhilipIrrigated agriculture in the central plain of Thailand1973
Central ThaiMentzer, E. HollisPersonality profiles for two central Thai villages1975
Central ThaiPiker, Steven IsaacChanging child rearing practices in central Thailand1975
Central ThaiPiker, Steven IsaacThe closing of the frontier1976
CherokeeAnders, Gary C.Dependence and underdevelopment1979
CherokeeGuyette, SusanSociolinguistic determinants of native language vitality1976
CherokeeJordan, Janet EtheridgePolitics and religion in a western Cherokee community1975
CherokeeLeftwich, Rodney L.Arts and crafts of the Cherokee1986
CherokeeWhite, Max EdgarAn ethnoarchaeological approach to Cherokee subsistence and settlement patterns1980
CherokeeWiedman, Dennis WilliamDiabetes mellitus and Oklahoma Native Americans1979
ComancheBurnet, David GouverneurDavid G. Burnet's letters describing the Comanche Indians with an introduction by Ernest Wallace1954
ComancheLee, NelsonThree years among the Comanches1957Yes
ComancheSimmons, MarcBorder Comanches: seven Spanish colonial documents 1785-18191967
ComancheThomas, Alfred BarnabyAn eighteenth century Comanche document1962
DogonClifford, JamesPower and dialogue in ethnography: Marcel Griaule’s initiation1983
DogonImperato, Pascale JamesLand of the cliff dwellers1975
DogonKassambara, MaboThe Dogon people fight endemic disease1985
FoxHarlan, Edgar RubeyAn original study of Mesquakie (Fox) life1935
FoxHarlan, Edgar RubeyAn original study of Mesquakie (Fox) life1933
FoxHarrington, M. R. (Mark Raymond)A bird-quill belt of the Sauk and Fox Indians1920
FoxMichelson, TrumanNotes on the social organization of the Fox Indians1962
FoxMichelson, TrumanNote on Fox gens festivals1968
FoxSmithsonian InstitutionEthnological researches among the Fox Indians, Iowa1926
GandaAnna, Mother M.Notes on the preparation of food in Buganda1940
HausaSmith, M. G. (Michael Garfield)The social functions and meaning of Hausa praise-singing1957
HausaSmith, M. G. (Michael Garfield)The Hausa of northern Nigeria1965Yes
HopiMurdock, George Peter15-11 Hopi1975
HopiVoth, Henry R.The traditions of the Hopi1905
HopiWaters, FrankBook of the Hopi1963
IbanBenedict SandinThe westward migration of the Sea Dayaks1956
IbanFreeman, DerekIban pottery1957Yes
InnuFitzhugh, William W.Environmental archeology and cultural systems in Hamilton Inlet, Labrador1972
InnuFlannery, ReginaSome magico-religious concepts of the Algonquians on the east coast of James Bay1971
InnuLips, JuliusTrap systems among the Montagnais-Naskapi Indians of Labrador peninsula1936
InnuMcGee, John T.Cultural stability and change among the Montagnais Indians of the Lake Melville region of Labrador1961
InnuSpeck, Frank GouldsmithMontagnais art in birch-bark, a circumpolar trait1937
InnuSpeck, Frank GouldsmithMontagnais-Naskapi bands and family hunting districts of the central and southeastern Labrador peninsula1942
InnuStrong, William DuncanNotes on mammals of the Labrador interior1930
InnuStrong, William DuncanCross-cousin marriage and the culture of the northeastern Algonkian1929
IroquoisHoughton, FrederickThe characteristics of Iroquoian village sites of western New York1916
IroquoisMurdock, George PeterThe Iroquois of northern New York1934
JavaneseAnderson, Benedict R. O'G. (Benedict Richard O'Gorman)Mythology and the tolerance of the Javanese1965
JavaneseCastles, LanceReligion, politics, and economic behavior in Java: the Kudus cigarette industry1967
JavaneseCollier, William L.Income, employment, and food systems in Javanese coastal villages1977
JavaneseDhofier, ZamakhsyariKinship and marriage among the Javanese kyai1980
JavaneseDohrenwend, Barbara SnellSome factors related to autonomy and dependence in twelve Javanese villages1957
JavaneseFagg, Donald R.Authority and social structure: a study in Javanese bureaucracy1958Yes
JavaneseFurnivall, J. S. (John Sydenham)The weaving and batik industries in Java with notes on hat making and soap boiling1936
JavaneseHart, Gillian PatriciaLabor allocation strategies in rural Javanese households1979
JavaneseJacobson, EdwardThe manufacture of gongs in Semarang1975
JavaneseJay, Robert R.Religion and politics in rural central Java1963
JavaneseKoentjaraningratThe Javanese of south central Java1960Yes
JavaneseKoentjaraningratJavanese data on the unresolved problems of the kindred1968
JavaneseKoentjaraningratA preliminary description of the Javanese kinship system1957
JavaneseKoentjaraningratSome social-anthropological observations of gotong rojong practices in two villages of central Java1961
JavaneseKoentjaraningratTjelapar: a village in south central Java1967
JavaneseNitisastro, WidjojoThe government, economy, and taxes of a central Javanese village1959
JavanesePalmier, Leslie H.Social status and power in Java1969
JavanesePenny, David H.Population and poverty in rural Java: some economic arithmetic from Sriharjo1973
JavanesePoedjosoedarmo, SoepomoJavanese speech levels1968
JavaneseSoemardjan, SeloSocial changes in Jogjakarta1962
JavaneseSutherland, HeatherThe priyayi1975
JavaneseWeiss, JeromeFolk psychology of the Javanese of Ponorogo1978
JavaneseWhite, Benjamin Nicholas ForbesProduction and reproduction in a Javanese village1976
KapaukuPospisil, Leopold J.Social change and primitive law: consequences of a Papuan legal case1958Yes
KazakhKrader, LawrenceThe Kazkhs: A background study for psychological warfare1955
KhoiKirby, Percival R. (Percival Robson)The music and musical instruments of the Korana1932
KpelleCole, MichaelThe cultural context of learning and thinking1971
KpelleGay, JohnThe new mathematics and an old culture1967
KpelleGermain, J.The Guerze conception of the beyond1947
KpelleGermain, J.Extract from a monograph on the inhabitants of the Circle of N'Zérékoré (Guerze, Kono, Manon)1955
KpelleKourouma, Koly KesseryThe annual earnings of a Guerze family1947
KpelleLancy, David F.Work, play and learning in a Kpelle town1975
KpelleMurphy, William P.The rhetorical management of dangerous knowledge in Kpelle brokerage1981
KpelleTeitelbaum, Michele M.Officers and elders: a study of contemporary Kpelle political cognition1977
KpelleWelmers, William EverettSecret medicines, magic, and rites of the Kpelle tribe in Liberia1949
Mam MayaGoff, Charles WeerAnthropometry of a Mam-speaking group of Indians from Guatemala1948
Mam MayaHorst, Oscar H. (Oscar Heinz)The specter of death in a Guatemalan highland community1967
Mam MayaOakes, MaudThe two crosses of Todos Santos: survivals of Mayan religious ritual1969
Mam MayaStadelman, RaymondMaize cultivation in northwestern Guatemala1940
Mescalero ApacheBoyer, L. BryceShamanism and peyote use among the Apaches of the Mescalero Indian Reservation1973
Mescalero ApacheBoyer, L. BryceFolk psychiatry of the Apaches of the Mescalero Indian Reservation1964
Mescalero ApacheBoyer, L. BryceEffects of acculturation on the vicissitudes of the aggressive drive among the Apaches of the Mescalero Indian Reservation1972
Mescalero ApacheBoyer, Ruth MacDonaldThe matrifocal family among the Mescalero1964
Mescalero ApacheCurley, Richard T.Drinking patterns of the Mescalero Apache1967
Mescalero ApacheFarrer, Claire R.Mescalero ritual dance: a four-part fugue1978
Mescalero ApacheGoddard, Pliny EarleGotal: a Mescalero Apache ceremony1909
Mescalero ApacheKunstadter, PeterCulture change, social structure, and health behavior1961
Mescalero ApacheMacLachlan, Bruce B.On "Indian justice"1963
Mescalero ApacheMacLachlan, Bruce B.The Mescalero Apache quest for law and order1964
Mescalero ApacheOpler, Marvin KaufmannPlains and Pueblo influences in Mescalero Apache culture1971
Mescalero ApacheOpler, Morris EdwardA Mescalero Apache account of the origin of the peyote ceremony1945
Mescalero ApacheOpler, Morris EdwardThe creative role of shamanism in Mescalero Apache mythology1946
Mescalero ApacheSonnichsen, C. L. (Charles Leland)The Mescalero Apaches1973
Mescalero ApacheThomas, Alfred BarnabyThe Mescalero Apache, 1653-18741974
NenetsVerbov, G. D.The forest Nenets1936
Northern PaiuteLowie, Robert HarryNotes on Shoshonean ethnography1924
Northern PaiutePark, Willard Z. (Willard Zerbe)Paviotso shamanism1934
Northern PaiuteStewart, Omer CallNorthern Paiute polyandry1937
OjibwaBarnouw, VictorAcculturation and personality among the Wisconsin Chippewa1950
OjibwaBarrett, S. A. (Samuel Alfred)The dream dance of the Chippewa and Menominee Indians of northern Wisconsin1911
OjibwaCameron, DuncanThe Nipigon country 18041890
OjibwaDensmore, FrancesChippewa music: volume 21913
OjibwaHallowell, A. Irving (Alfred Irving)The role of conjuring in Saulteaux society1942Yes
OjibwaHallowell, A. Irving (Alfred Irving)Culture and experience1955Yes
OjibwaHesketh, JohnHistory of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa1923
OjibwaHickerson, HaroldThe southwestern Chippewa: an ethnohistorical study1962
OjibwaHilger, M. Inez (Mary Inez)A social study of one hundred fifty Chippewa Indian families of the White Earth Reservation of Minnesota1939
OjibwaHoffman, Walter JamesThe Mide'wiwin or "Grand Medicine Society" of the Ojibwa1891
OjibwaKinietz, William VernonChippewa village: the story of Katikitegon1947
OjibwaLandes, RuthThe Ojibwa of Canada1937
OjibwaLandes, RuthThe Ojibwa woman1938
OjibwaMorgan, Lewis HenryThe Indian journals 1859-621959
OjibwaRitzenthaler, Robert EugeneChippewa preoccupation with health1953
OjibwaSkinner, Alanson BuckNotes on the Eastern Cree and Northern Saulteaux1911
OjibwaSkinner, Alanson BuckPolitical and ceremonial organization of the Plains-Ojibway1914
PawneeLinton, RalphPurification of the sacred bundles, a ceremony of the Pawnee1923
PawneeLinton, RalphThe sacrifice to the morning star by the Skidi Pawnee1922
PawneeLinton, RalphThe Thunder Ceremony of the Pawnee1922
SamoyedDolgikh, Boris OsipovichThe Entsy1964
SamoyedDolgikh, Boris OsipovichThe clan composition and the distribution of the Enets1946
SamoyedDonner, KaiAmong the Samoyed in Siberia1954
SamoyedHildén, KaarloNotes on the physical anthropology of the Ostyak-Samoyeds based upon data collected by Kai Donner1939
SamoyedPopov, A. A.The Nganasans1964
SamoyedPopov, A. A.The Nganasan: the material culture of the Tavgi Samoyeds1966
SamoyedProkofʹeva, E. D. (Ekaterina Dmitrievna)The costume of an Enets Shaman1963
SamoyedProkofʹeva, E. D. (Ekaterina Dmitrievna)The ornamentation of the Selkup1950
SamoyedProkofʹeva, E. D. (Ekaterina Dmitrievna)The Sel'kups1964
SamoyedSchrenk, Alexander GustavJourney to the northeast of European Russia, through the tundras of the Samoyeds, to the Artic Ural Mountains1854
SemaiHowell, SigneChewong myths and legends1982
SemaiHowell, SigneSociety and cosmos: Chewong of peninsular Malaysia1984
SemaiWazir-Jahan Begum KarimMa' Betisek concepts of living things1981
SeminoleGarbarino, Merwyn S.Economic development and the decision-making process on Big Cypress Indian Reservation, Florida1966
SerbsDenton, WilliamServia and the Servians1862
SerbsMijatović, ČedomiljServia of the Servians1914
ShillukAnonymousThe installation of a new Shilluk king1956
ShillukDempsey, JamesMission on the Nile1955
ShillukHowell, P. P. (Paul Philip)The death and burial of reth Dak wad Fadiet of the Shilluk1952
ShillukHowell, P. P. (Paul Philip)The election and installation of Reth Kur Wad Fafiti of the Shilluk1953
ShillukHowell, P. P. (Paul Philip)The death of a Reth of the Shilluk and the installation of his successor1946
ShillukOyler, D. S.Shilluk notes1926Yes
ShillukPumphrey, M. E. C.Shilluk "royal" language conventions1937
ShillukWestermann, DiedrichIntroduction1912
Taiwan HokkienOlsen, Nancy JohnstonFamily structure and independence training in a Taiwanese village1973
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Gods, ghosts, and ancestors1974
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Marriage and adoption in northern Taiwan1974
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Childhood association, sexual attraction, and fertility in Taiwan1976
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Adopt a daughter-in-law, marry a sister: a chinese solution to the problem of the incest taboo1968
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Childhood association and sexual attraction1970
Taiwan HokkienWolf, Arthur P.Childhood association, sexual attraction, and the incest taboo1966
TamilArterburn, Yvonne J.The silk weavers of Kanchipuram: a case study of the Indian co-operative movement1977
TamilBéteille, André MarieAgrarian relations in Tanjore District1974
TamilDhanasekaran, S.Visavanoor1965
TamilDumont, LouisA structural definition of a folk deity of Tamil Nad: Aiyanar, the Lord1970
TamilDumont, LouisA subcaste of south India: social organization and religion of the Pramalai Kallar1957
TamilGehring, HansSouth India: the Tamil people and their country1899
TamilHardgrave, Robert L., Jr.The Nadars of Tamilnad: the political culture of a community in change1969
TamilHeginbotham, StanleyCultures in conflict: the four faces of Indian bureaucracy1975
TamilNambiar, P. K.Vilpatti1964
TamilNambiar, P. K.Thiruvellarai1964
TamilNambiar, P. K.Arkasanahalli1964
TamilNambiar, P. K.Kanakagiri1964
TamilNambiar, P. K.Iswaramoorthipalayam1965
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Village survey report on Ravanasamudram1964
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Village survey report on Thadagam1964
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Village survey report on Koottumangalam1964
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Kunnalur1964
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Village survey report on Kadathuchery1965
TamilRamanathan, J. R.Village survey report on Kadukkara1965
TamilSingh, D. SunderVillage survey report on Pudukulam1964
TamilSingh, D. SunderVillage survey report on Kadambangudi1965
TamilSlater, GilbertSome south Indian villages1918
TamilSonachalam, K. S.Electricity and economic development of Madras State1968
TamilSonachalam, K. S.Land reforms in Tamil Nadu: evaluation of implementation1970
TibetansAsboe, WalterDisposal of the dead in Tibet1932
TibetansDas, Sarat ChandraSocial divisions, marriage, funerals, medicine, festivals1902
TibetansDas, Sarat ChandraGovernment of Lhasa: customs, festivals, etc.1902
TibetansLi, YouyiThe living Buddhas of Tibet1948
TibetansMacDonald, DavidThe land of the Lama1929
TibetansRockhill, William WoodvilleNotes on the ethnology of Tibet1895
TibetansSherap, PaulA Tibetan on Tibet1926
TibetansWaddell, L. A. (Laurence Austine)The Buddhism of Tibet1895
TikopiaFirth, RaymondCeremonies for children and social frequency in Tikopia1956Yes
TivBohannan, PaulSome principles of exchange and investment among the Tiv1955Yes
TurkanaEmley, E. D.The Turkana of Kolosia District1927
TurkanaNjeru, Enos Hudson NthiaThe farming herders: irrigation, reciprocity and marriage among the Turkana pastoralists of north-western Kenya1985
TurkanaOhta, ItaruMan-animal interaction complex in goat herding of the pastoral Turkana1982
TurkanaOhta, ItaruLivestock individual identification among the Turkana1987
TurkanaOhta, ItaruSymptoms are classified into diagnostic categories: Turkana's view of livestock diseases1984
UteCollins, Thomas WilliamBehavioral change and ethnic maintenance among the Northern Ute1975
UteCollins, Thomas WilliamThe Northern Ute economic development program: social and cultural dimensions1971
UteDensmore, FrancesNorthern Ute music1922
UteHawley, Florence L.Culture process and change in Ute adaptation1950
UteJefferson, JamesThe Southern Utes: a tribal history1972
UteKroeber, A. L. (Alfred Louis)Ute tales1901
UteLowie, Robert HarryShoshonean tales1926
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannSouthern Ute pottery types1939
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannThe southern Ute of Colorado1963
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannThe character and history of the Southern Ute peyote rite1940
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannFact and fancy in Ute peyotism1942
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannA Colorado Ute Indian bear dance1941
UteOpler, Marvin KaufmannThe Southern Ute dog-dance and its reported transmission to Taos1939
YapeseFurness, William HenryThe island of stone money: Uap of the Carolines1910Yes
ZapotecDiskin, MartinEconomics and society in Tlacolula, Oaxaca, Mexico1967
ZapotecFitzsimmons, Charles IrvingSUSTO: an epidemiological study of stress adaptation1974
ZapotecFoster, George McClellandThe Coyotepec molde and some associated problems of the potter's wheel1959
ZapotecHorcasitas, FernandoThe Relacion de Tlacolula y Mitla1955
ZapotecKirkby, Anne V. T. (Anne Veronica Tennant)The use of land and water resources in the past and present valley of Oaxaca, Mexico1973
ZapotecLees, Susan H.Sociopolitical aspects of canal irrigation in the Valley of Oaxaca1973
ZapotecTaylor, William B.Landlord and peasant in colonial Oaxaca1972
ZapotecVan de Velde, PaulThe black pottery of Coyotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico1939
ZapotecVargas-Barón, Emily AnnDevelopment and change of rural artisanry: weaving industries of the Oaxaca Valley, Mexico1969