Live webinars for eHRAF databases

seminar photo In our live webinars, you can learn more about the eHRAF databases, including how cultures and traditions are organized by regions, sub-regions, samples, and subsistence types. First developed in the 1930s by George Peter Murdock, a cultural anthropologist at Yale University, HRAF’s unique culture/tradition classification and subject indexing systems continue to provide the framework for our online databases, eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology. A typical 60-minute eHRAF webinar usually consists of the following parts:

Part I (20 minutes) overview of eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology

  • Mutual introductions
  • General description of HRAF – our organization, homepage, member-based and open access services, monthly newsletter, and help feature (

Part II (20 minutes) – sample basic and advanced searches

  • Browse subjects and cultures or traditions
  • Basic search and advanced search
  • Saving your search results including meta data

Part III (20 minutes) – coverage customized to the specific needs of faculty, librarians, or researchers


Our webinars will provide more information about how to make the best use of the following resources:

We look forward to meeting with you! Matthew Longcore   Director of Membership and Outreach   Human Relations Area Files at Yale University