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The eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology databases are powerful research and teaching tools. To better understand what eHRAF is and how it is used, we provide several different guides and support options.

The Practical Guide to Using eHRAF

This guide shows how eHRAF is structured and highlights the Browse and Basic Search sections of eHRAF and provides useful search tips.

Advanced Search in eHRAF

This section of the user guide explains how to use Advanced Search for more complex queries.

eHRAF Search Examples and Methodology

Step-by-step instructions for building an Advanced Search with the Add Cultures/Subjects functions, and keyword(s).  In this section you’ll find the methodology for refining a search by regions, subsistence (e.g. hunter-gatherers) types and sample types (PSF, SRS) to effectively search the eHRAF databases.

Video Tutorials

These short video tutorials take you through basic and advanced searching in eHRAF.

Citing eHRAF

How to cite text and features from eHRAF.

Basic Guide to Cross-Cultural Research

This brief guide takes you through the basic steps of a cross-cultural study using the HRAF Collection of Ethnography– on paper, fiche, or online.

Support, Services, and Webinars

HRAF prides itself in providing personalized support for its users and member institutions including: informative webinars for librarians, brainstorming sessions for faculty, research help for students, and customized webinars for student classes.

Related Links

Nature and Use of the HRAF Files: A Research and Teaching Guide

Topics and Cultures in eHRAF: This printable PDF document serves as handy reference and overview of all the topics on cultural and social life, as well as all cultures, past and present, currently covered in HRAF’s cross-cultural online databases.













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