Classroom fun with the HRAF Jeoparody quiz game

Are you looking for a fun classroom activity? We are happy to announce our first interactive HRAF game, produced by digital anthropologist, Francine Barone. The knowledge quiz is a play on the popular American television game show, Jeopardy! It is available to download for free in Teaching eHRAF, our open-access repository of teaching exercises.HRAF Jeoparody Board

HRAF Jeoparody contains six categories of questions and answers. True to the original TV quiz show, the “answers” are provided as prompts, and responses should come in the form of a question. The knowledge required to answer the questions comes from a variety of sources. Some of it is comprised of general anthropology trivia, while several of the categories combine anthropological or cross-cultural topics with facts about HRAF or the eHRAF Databases.

The categories are:

  • HRAF History: How well do you know HRAF?
  • It’s Classified: All about the subject and culture indexing in the eHRAF Databases
  • Notable Quotes: Can you identify these famous anthropologists by their classic monographs?
  • Who, What, Where?: Facts about the cultures, subjects, and practices in found eHRAF
  • Sample Sampler: Guess the sample used in cross-cultural research
  • Anthro Potpourri: A mixed bag of anthropological trivia
  • Final Jeoparody: Who said it, and what were they describing?

How to use it

The game runs in an animated PowerPoint format complete with sound effects, transitions, and a “Final Jeoparody” round. To read the full category descriptions, related study materials, suggestions for classroom use, and to learn more about the flexible ways that instructors can implement the activity for online learning, view or download the notes to instructors in Teaching eHRAF.

To play, download the PowerPoint game from Teaching eHRAF. Simply open the file in PowerPoint and start the presentation from the first slide. Use the left or right arrows on your keyboard to scan through and announce the category titles until you arrive at the game board. Then, click on the requested dollar amounts to reveal the question prompt. To allow students enough time to answer, after reading the prompt, click on the timer button at the bottom of the slide to begin the response countdown.

Click again on the prompt text, or on “go to response” in the bottom right, to show the correct answer. Click on the home icon in the bottom center of the slide to return to the main board to continue playing. After all the categories have been completed, click on “Final Jeoparody” beneath the game board to enter the final round.

Technical requirements

The game presents best on Windows or Mac running a version of PowerPoint 8 or higher. It is not optimized for Google Slides, Open Office, or Keynote. For online teaching via video conferencing platforms, instructors may share the screen in Presenter mode to host the game. Be sure to enable any video-conferencing or distance-learning platform to “push sound” to the audience in order to make use of the sound effects board at the bottom of the screen.

Note: This game is not endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with, the TV game show, “Jeopardy!”. It is a parody game.

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