Francine Barone

Fran BaroneDigital Media, Anthropology and Education Specialist

Francine Barone is a digital anthropologist and media ethnographer. She holds a PhD in anthropology from the University of Kent (2010) for which she conducted fieldwork on the internet, mobile phones, and urban space in Catalonia, Spain. Her research interests include urban ethnography, technology as material culture, placemaking, sensory anthropology, synaesthesia (especially auditory-tactile and sound-motion) and the socio-cultural impacts of the digital age. Joining HRAF in 2013, Fran presently coordinates our social media engagement, researches and writes anthropological content for our homepage, develops and curates academic resources for Teaching eHRAF, and contributes to the technical development of the eHRAF Databases. You can find her posts on the HRAF blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Teaching materials:

Nascent Worlds
Ethnographic Insights Across Cultures
HRAF Jeoparody Game
eHRAF Archaeology Jeoparody Game

Selected articles:

Knowledge is power: anthropology of proverbs
Craving Comfort: Bonding with food across cultures
Luck of the Irish: Folklore and fairies in Rural Ireland
Unconditional Love: Is devotion to pets a cultural universal?
Home Truths: An Anthropology of House and Home
“I have worth”: female body confidence and perceptions of beauty around the world
The Social Life of Cheese
Towards an Anthropology of Fear: Are some things universally terrifying?
An Anthropology of Dads: Exploring Fatherhood in eHRAF
Women, gender and power in eHRAF
Burning questions: evidence for off-site fire use by hunter-gatherers
Romantic or disgusting? Passionate kissing is not a human universal
Winter solstice celebrations around the world
A cross-cultural look at posture