HRAF Presentation at Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library

Earlier this week we were invited to give a presentation at Yale Classics Library’s Sterling Memorial Library. Dr. Carol Ember, the President of HRAF, discussed the history and purpose of the Human Relations Area Files’ two databases–eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology. She discussed how the databases grew out Yale’s interdisciplinary Institute of Human Relations founded in 1929, how the databases and editorial processes changed over time, and what is planned for the future. Leon Doyon, Managing Editor of Electronic Publication, explained HRAF’s unique culture classification and subject indexing system. At the end of the presentation Christiane Cunnar, Member Services Administrator, showed the librarians the various Browse and Search functions of eHRAF and talked about the services and support that is available for librarians, faculty, students, and researchers.

Presentations like this one at Yale’s Library help raise awareness of the scholarly value of eHRAF and its interdisciplinary use. Although we would like to talk about the value of eHRAF in person, this is not always possible, and so similar presentations can be arranged in form of webinars. Please contact us at if your library is interested in setting up an eHRAF info session.